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About Us

We are a small two person company which was formed in 2011.

Julie Burrows

Graham Hahn

Was a competitive swimmer up until his late teens then got bitten by the triathlon bug and has competed from 1992 to present day.
From Super Sprint Triathlons to Ironman / Iron Distance Triathlons as well as Aquathlons and Duathlons.
Competed in Cycle Time Trials and Running Races. (just to make the numbers up)
Have helped out at races from Marshaling Duties (be nice to Marshals) to race set up and tear down.
Been on Race Organising Committees and have a been a Race Director, so I know how stressful a race can be.


At the moment Timing Services only but watch this space.


We Provide The Following

For Running Races:- Start and Finish Mats, LED Clocks and Results Service
For All Multi-Sport Races:- All relevant Timing Points, LED Clocks and Results Service
See our full list of events that we can time


Because as we both have been in that position and there is so much to do and worry about while organising an event.
That's why are trying to take some of the stress out of it.


By giving the event organiser one price that includes all costs. There will not be any hidden charges or extra costs. This unfortunately does not include lost / missing timing chips.

Triathlons:- from Super Sprint to Iron Distance
Duathlons:- from Sprint to Long Distance
Running Races (Road, Trail, Cross Country and Ultra Distance)
Mountain Bike Cross Country
Cycle Sportives
Open Water Swimming
and many more give us call or send us an email with what your race requirements are

We provide what we call "The Communication Board".
This is situated at the rear of the van and comprises of 2 screens, 2 keypads and 2 printers.
The participant can get their own individual results printout which displays their Details, Times and Finishing Position.

We also host the results online in a searchable and sortable table format.


Gun Time

     In days of olde before the invention of chip timing. All races used the same start time for all competitors in the race.
Now imagine that you are in a race with several thousand other runners and you start near the back.
How long would it take for you to cross the start line? One minute, five minutes, ten minutes ?
So whatever time it takes to cross the start line will be included in your overall race time.


Chip Time

Now this is where modern technology comes into play.
As long as the race has a Start Mat (not all races do, as some other timing companies charge extra for this)
By wearing a Timing Chip that will recorded as you cross the Start Mat.
Then the Race Timing Software will know the difference from the Gun Start to when you cross the Start Mat
This can give give you a Gun Time and a Chip Time.
Official race results are worked out on Gun Time.

But all race results are based on Gun Time.


We use Ipico Sports timing mats and tags with Race Director scoring Software

We use Ipico shoe tags for running races. ( below )



Above is how it is attached the running shoe. We use sandwich bag ties rather than thread the laces through the holes. Tag size is approx 45 mm x 57 mm


For Multisport events . i.e. Triathlon , Duathlon etc we use Sports Tags ( below left ), Neoprene strap ( below  )




Approx size is w : 30 mm x h: 45 mm x d: 10 mm                      approx size 320 mm x 50 mm


We are also evaluating the new style Bib Tags. ( below )


approx size is 190 mm x 120 mm


How it Works


Producing timely and accurate results in the race environment is often a challenge. Readers must perform by reading multiple tags while dealing with motion, distance, crowding, demanding environmental conditions and a variety of materials. IPICO Sports timing systems are designed to meet this challenge.

The IPICO Sports system consists of 3 core components:

  • IPICO Sports Tag
  • IPICO Sports Antenna Mat
  • IPICO Sports Reader

IPICO Sports timing solutions utilize IPICO's patented Dual Frequency technology (IP-X™ RFID Air-interface Protocol). This technology was developed to overcome the limitations faced by Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technologies.

Dual Frequency technology utilizes magnetic induction for both energizing and for communications (similar to LF and HF).

  • Low frequency signal is used for energizing the tags (Advantage:less restrictive regulations compared to HF band allows longer energizing range)
  • High frequency signal is used for communication from tag to reader (Advantage: significantly higher data rates support robust anti-collision, i.e., many tags can be read in a short period of time).

The technology’s real advantage lies in its ability to work even in harsh and challenging environmental conditions. The patented Dual Frequency technology virtually eliminates signal loss and tag read collision and works especially well for objects high in liquid, carbon and electronic content, such as the human body.

Dual Frequency RFID technology offers the following benefits:

  • Short well defined charge range (0.3 m) and read range (2.0 m) allows for better accuracy and precision as compared to UHF RFID technologies (long and variable charge and read range of up to 10 meters)
  • Much longer read range than LF (1.2 – 2.0 meters compared to LF 0.6 – 0.7 meters in ideal circumstances)
  • Higher anti-collision than LF (100 tags/second vs. <5 tags/second)
  • Can read through liquids (in contrast to UHF which reads primarily line of sight)
  • Performs reliably and consistently in close proximity to metals (in contrast with UHF )
  • Works in all weather conditions – including very low to very high temperatures; high moisture environments (antenna works when submerged or buried under snow and ice); and wide-range of problematic surface conditions (salt water soaked sand; granite, reinforced concrete, mud, etc.

Passive Chip

This timing chip needs to powered up by the timing mat Before it will transmit its number to the timing mat. This is what our Shoe tags are that we use.


Active Chip

This a battery powered timing chip, so it is always transmitting its chip number. We use this for our Multi Sport events.


The Timing Chip only stores it's own code which is a 12 digit code i.e 058000a725fd.
The Timing software is what stores the competitors details and will match the Timing Chip
to a competitor when they cross a Timing Mat.

It is something that we have considered but at this moment in time we will not be providing this.
But below are a list of Online Entry Companies who do provide this service.

Entry Central
Fabian 4


What's My Time